It has been so long since I have written a post so bare with me, I am a bit rusty. The year is coming to an end and I have decided to set myself some goals/target which consist of posting frequently over here. I have been preoccupied with Instagram and the motion of growing my account on this note, most people who follow me knows that I have began my journey into self photography and this has been my biggest accomplishment of 2019; which I am really proud of. Furthermore, I am excited to share this journey on here with you guys. Don’t sleep on your girl because 2020 is going to be lit!

Moving on to styling flares, they are so retro and I am simply a big fan of them. For this outfit; i decided to go super casual but I wanted to have more of a 90s look and streetstyle going on. This is the reason for the chunky dad trainers and jewelleries which accentuates the whole look. Finally, can we just appreciate the flannel. I have been dying to get a hold of this type of shirt for the longest and my dream came true because Topshop sold them over the summer.

Thank you for reading!


Flannel Shirt

Topshop Jamie Flares

Nike Zoomx Vista Grind

Asos Flare Jeans

Half Zip Top