Resilience… what a perfect word to describe my journey. I started blogging without a clue on what the future holds.Throughout my journey there were times where things got difficult and I contemplated on quitting, let’s face it we as humans want to be in control of every situation but there are certain things that are beyond our power to control. I am the prime example of wanting to control my situation at all cost but at the end of the day they spiral out of control. This blog is my safe heaven, being in front of the camera brings out the carefree spirit in me. During every shoot, bliss takes over and the motivation to do better clouds my soul. I have learnt a lot about myself throughout this journey and it includes:

Confidence – I am confident in whatever I do. It took me a while to learn everyone’s journey is different, do not compare yourself to others. Whatever I put my mind to would be accomplished as long as hard work is included in the recipe.

Resilience – The most successful people we know of today has once failed or told they couldn’t achieve great things at a certain point in their lives. However, this did not stop them from overcoming all the negativity and trying again. Otherwise, the world wouldn’t have people such as Oprah. The point is there are hard times but always have the mentality to be resilient because at the end of every battle comes victory.

Be Yourself – Who would do you the same way you do you? the only answer is you. Never try to be someone else, everyone has different flavours so be original the taste is better. I acknowledge my style is different and I fully embrace it because it is what makes me Morinsola Olatunde, the girl who only wears white socks.

Be Supportive – It is so easy to be jealous. My rule is never let jealousy stop me from supporting people who are doing great. I am very big on supporting people because it creates a positive environment. I get inspirations from a lot of bloggers. One of my favourite recently made a post about being supportive. Check her out.

To anyone that’s out there ready to give up, I promise it gets better just give it time and stay positive.