Oversized Hoodies

Hi guys! Happy New Year, oversized hoodie is a must in everyone’s closet. In fact I want everyone to go out and buy a pair.

Half of the time when running errands I tend to wear my oversized hoodie. Some might hate me for saying this but I love some of yeezy styles most especially his oversized clothing line. oversized hoodies have so much versatilities that it would be crazy not to experiment with them. I have listed how you can experiment with them so give it a try.


          Most times oversized hoodie can be worn as a dress with thigh high boots for ladies.

           Make sure to get the hoodie in men’s sizes. As for me, a L or XL would be good as it gives enough room to move around.

     I need to try and get more Rebook trainers especially their classics. They run big so sizing down would be good.