Make-Up Looks 


Hey guys, I have created 4 makeup looks that I’ve been dying to share with you I hope you enjoy it because I created all of them on my birthday week and I was almost late to college every single day which was stressful.

First look was on my birthday which was on a Monday and it was my favourite look out of them all. I think this was due to the fact I had time to put on eyelashes.

Eyebrows – Anastasia Dipbrow in Dark Brown. *(click on picture, option for dark brown is available)

Lips – Spellbound by LA Splash Cosmetics. *(click on the picture, option for spell bound and raven is on the website)

This was the second look, I was running so late I forgot to put on my earrings. I decided to go for a simple golden eyeshadow look.

Can you tell I am feeling the olive/khaki colour?

Lips – Raven by LA Splash Cosmetics

Fast forward to Thursday the third look, because I totally forgot to document look for Wednesday.

I wanted to experiment with bright eyeshadow hence why I have got the plum colour with dark lip.

Lips – Raven by LA Splash Cosmetics

This was an effortless look, as you can see I was back to lining my lips and applying lip gloss.

The liquid lipsticks took a toll on my lips. You can never go wrong with glossing your lips for a very natural look.

 Lips – Nyx dark brown eye liner with L’Oréal lip gloss