portrait photography

 I have embarked on a new journey this year in which I want to take time to share with you guys; it has to do with portrait photography and in terms of this I mean self portraits.  Since the start of my blogging journey I have always relied on friends to take photos of me.
However, I came to realise that I can’t always rely on others to make my journey work seeing as they have different paths they want to embrace in life and personally I felt selfish for always seeking their time to take my photos; although my friends never seemed to mind. With that being said, I want to take time to thank all the friends who had contributed in any shape or form to see this blog running be it taking my pictures or offering advice and motivating me. I really do appreciate all the support.

Throughout the end of last year I had been looking into self photography. I can’t tell you how difficult taking self portraits are but trust me I found it difficult, from lighting setup to backdrop setup and outfit changing; I have to say the struggle is real. Having been a natural/daylight light shooter from the get go, it was challenging to start working with studio light being the main source of light although YouTube proved to be amazing when researching into this sort of Photography. However, I love the fact that I am able to learn more about my camera and composition. Also this is at the comfort of my home meaning, I can bulk shoot and also switch on the heater when it gets a bit chilly. Whereas, I didn’t have the luxury of doing this when I shot outside.

The idea of going solo made me really nervous but I had seen other’s portrait photography and I had loved the creativity behind it; the time, effort and thinking it had taken for one human to compose such art will forever astound me. These pictures are here to remind me of what I am capable of doing if I set my mind to it. With time I only hope to get better and be more creative.

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