Season changes, we humans also go through changes. I am going through a stage whereby college is interfering with the little social life I have and making the idea of blogging nonexistent. Have you ever reminisced about your younger self? Those were days you worried less and found amusement in anything.

As a blogger, a phrase you will often encounter is “you need to be consistent with your posts, in order to grow”. Alright, fair say. A few times, I have found myself getting irritated by this ‘phrase’ because I tend to be a bit harsh on myself when I don’t publish content. However I remind myself that I truly care; my daily life consists of me thinking about the next half term to shoot and produce not trashy but quality content.

Gone are the days of trying to follow trends that simply isn’t me. I live by my own rule, wear whatever I feel confident in; which is why I have obtained a lot of Mom jeans. I’ve found Mom jeans to be more comfortable and less restrictive also you can never go wrong with styling them.

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