Birthday Outfit

It still hasn’t sunk in that I just celebrated another year of my life. A part of me is thankful to God and the other  is in dismay of how fast life is breezing through.

If I could go back to relive some moment in the past, I would certainly take up the offer. The older we get, the more often we forget to live the moments instead we take life seriously then regret it later in life. My goal is to enjoy everything life has to offer because they would be memories worth looking back at.

This outfit is very special to me because I had planned it for a while. My birthday was on a day of college. I wanted to look good but didn’t want to go all out because really It is just college. I remember having a breakdown which consist of me wiping a full face of makeup and redoing it *sigh*. This was because of the thought that my foundation wasn’t right.