Beginners Guide To Buying DSLR Cameras


After getting a lot of requests from quite a few people about photography, here I am finally sitting down and writing a blog post for you guys. My goal is to try and write a whole photography blog series and upload them once a week, I hope by the end of the blog series you will be able to learn a few things about photography.
Firstly, before we get started I am going to begin with personal advices/opinion from what I have learned throughout my time of shooting with a DSLR and then list my Top DSLR Cameras that I think are suitable for beginners.

As you guys may already know, I shoot fashion photography and beauty which means I will be limited to the topics of photography’s such as wildlife or others. However, I know majority are not here for wildlife anyways. In addition to this, I will put up links to websites who are well versed in photography topics.

My first advice is when you are trying to make a move from a smart phone to a DSLR camera, It’s better to aim to buy the camera body rather than purchasing both camera body and kit lens. Hold up… before I move on you might be wondering what is a kit lens?

A kit lens just simply means a basic inexpensive lens that comes with the camera you’re purchasing. I will be making another blog posts about lens but for now that’s what you need to know.

Alright then, let’s get back to why you should purchase a camera body rather than a camera that already comes with a kit lens. Well, getting a camera body could be cheaper. This was one of the main reasons why I decided to go down this route also I knew the lens I was going to get with my camera body will be perfect for the type of photography I was interested in.

However, if you calculate the price of getting a camera body and separate lens and it amounts to be expensive than getting a camera that comes with a kit lens, don’t worry just get the this for the mean time; then you save up and get the lens you’re interested in. Also, purchasing a camera with kit lens is still a good way to getting to know how the camera functions and trust me kit lenses these days are really good.

Lastly, when purchasing a camera body or a lens try to get breakdown care which will cover your equipment for a certain period of time i.e like guarantee. I made sure to get my camera and both lens I own from Canon’s website thus leading to me being covered for 2 years. All in all, just take proper care of your gear.

I have a Canon 750D and shoot with the 50mm f1.8 and 24mm f2.8.

First camera I will recommend is the Canon EOS 4000d 18 Megapixel 



Link to purchase

This is a true beginner camera, I have watched reviews and so far from what I gathered; this camera is light and budget friendly. The body alone retails for £270. However a con will be it doesn’t have a flip out screen but this has been done on purpose by canon because this is a start to stepping up your photography game. In addition, this camera will work great with the right type of lens.

To find out more about this camera here are detailed review videos on YouTube to check out.

Video 1 

Video 2 with picture samples

Second Camera I will recommend is the Canon EOS 750d 24.2 Megapixel 


Link to purchase

This is the camera I currently use and I started photography with it therefore I will 100% recommend it to beginners out there. It’s more expensive than the 4000d but for the price; you get extra features such as a flip screen and I must say it’s worth it. I was able to find both the camera and kit lens for £429 on Argos, it’s quite hard to get the body of the camera but if you don’t mind buying a used one then try Ebay.

Detailed review videos to check out on YouTube.

Video with sample images.

Third Camera on the list is the Nikon D3500 24.2- Megapixel



Link To purchase Camera Body

Link to purchase Camera with kit lens

I am not well versed when it comes to Nikon cameras. However, through research I have noticed a lot of reviews has proclaimed this to be one of Nikon’s best entry DSLR camera. The camera body alone retails for £329 and on Argos it retails for £389 with kit lens.

More detailed blog review on the D3500 – Link 

YouTube video review with test shots – Link

The Last camera on the list is the Canon EOS 80D 24.2 Megapixel


Link To Purchase 

This camera  is a step up for beginners and could be seen as suitable for enthusiast. Although, this doesn’t mean a beginner wouldn’t know how to work with this camera. If your budget is high and you don’t want to go for the cheaper model DSLR’s then this could be a great camera for you. The camera body retails for £980. A really good feature of this camera is the autofocus which is superior than the EOS 4000 or 750D.

To find out more about the 80D, here’s the LINK to a detailed review.

This is the end of my Beginners Guide to DSLR cameras but stay tuned for my Lens guide. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment and follow me on Instagram where I post regularly.