Update on my life & Motivation

I just want to start of by saying Happy New Year to whoever is reading this post. As the title has already stated, this post will be about an update in my life and I hope it gives you motivation because I am surely motivated to do better this year .
I find it incredibly saddening when I reflect on my blogging journey and the reason for this is because I have seen little to no growth on my blog or Instagram account. However, in terms of creativity and wanting to learn more I seemed to have thrived on that subject area; yet it’s difficult to input..

Over the past year, I seem to ask myself is it because my contents are not of quality or am I not good enough to attract traffic? the answers to some of my questions were later revealed to me when I sat down in my little dorm last year watching inspirational videos and discussing with a close friend of mine. Those videos made me realise that over the course of my journey I had made a lot of excuses some which are deemed reasonable. However, a major excuse that I realised was holding me back was FEAR… yes fear of not wanting to take risks and the unknown. However it is high time I face some of my fears and challenge myself which is the reason why i made a promise to myself to make a change and do whatever it takes to make this blog successful, there are no more EXCUSES and this is exactly why I have stayed up all night just to make sure I get this post out.