Khaki/green tones has been trending lately which is why I chose to go for khaki puffer jacket. Styling and rocking a puffer jacket has been my go to since the harsh weather in London. Puffers come in ranges of colour but I opted for the khaki colour. Khaki puffer jackets are so easy to style and are a must for this cold spring season. As of recent, I find myself going for an effortless look. This means ditching my super skinny jeans and wearing loose pairs of jeans. A tip on styling puffer is to just throw on your favourite pair of ripped jeans and trainers.

I am so in love with this presto, the colour makes it easy to style with any outfit. I must say you have to at least own a pair. P.S the trainers run large I suggest trying it on before purchase.

Can you guess the difference in my look? well it’s my new hair… wig. I was desperate for a change so I decided to finally make my wig. The process was a long one but the end result was great.


Most items are sold out so I created alternatives






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